Patricia MacLachlan: Edward's Eyes

Author: Patricia MacLachlan
Book: Edward's Eyes

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A stirring, delicately lyrical portrait of a child, a son, a family, and a brother.

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message 1: by Flora

Flora Molski This book so upset my 9 year old grandson and his class mates in school that they were crying in class. I would NEVER recommend this for young readers. Teachers and this author do not have to deal with the aftermath of reading depressing books like this. But the families at home do.

message 2: by Cindy

Cindy Patricia MacLachlan is a brilliant writer. I have shared this book with my students, and it's one of their favorite books of all time. Edward is a gift for all children to read about. We all loved Edward, Jake, Trick, Albert, and the entire family.
A beautiful story, to teach students about foreshadowing and learning to infer-- touchstone text to use with all ages. A teachable subject matter not about death, but about family and becoming a donor so that Edward can live on. Yes, I cry every time I read the story to a different class year, after year. But every one needs to know Edward and carry him with them forever. Thank you, Ms. MacLachlan--we read all your books. Journey, Baby, and Edward are all memorable characters. <3 My students love you!

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