Child 44

Author: Tom Rob Smith
Book: Child 44

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In Soviet Russia, Leo Demidov is after a killer that the State denies exists. But he's in danger himself - from the country he's trying to protect

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message 1: by Diana (last edited Nov 30, 2009 02:10PM)

Diana Ross Cannot stress too strongly: One of the best books I've read this year.

Aurelio Ippandoza This book was so involving when I read it,that I still remember a great deal from it 2 years later.An amazing thriller, didn't seem to have a boring or out of place spot in it,enjoyed it thoroughly.thank you Mr.Smith for writing such a great read.

message 3: by Ila

Ila New to this Trilogy? See Note at end please - NO Spoilers are included.

Mr. Smith, there are few books that touch me the way your
Child 44 Trilogy has.

I read between 3 to 5 books weekly and I will never forget Leo and the questions brought to light with your words.

What is the price one must pay for redemption when forced to be a heinous person? Can you be redeemed and can your invoice ever be marked 'Paid in Full'?

I know this question will come to me in the future more than once. Your magnificent portrayal of characters, the circumstances and times forcing actions on people who must do as ordered, or suggested, or die.

Of equal interest is how they justify to themselves, family and friends these actions and the extended consequences of what they are made to do so they can continue to live what they accept as happy lives. The psychology of the victims is simply amazing.

I've just finished The Secret Speech and I am waiting for Agent 6 to arrive by mail. It could have arrived immediately and it would have been too long to wait. I wanted all 3 books in hardcover so I could pass them on to a friend to enjoy as I have, instead of a Kindle Copy.

An amazing and fascinating look behind the Iron Curtain, at many facets of the old Soviet Union: KGB, Gulags, Secret Police and the people who make up those organizations. Wrapped inside that you'll discover a story about betrayal and its unintended consequences, and how that shapes a family far beyond what could have ever been imagined.

Read this series!

Ila in Portland, ME

These are stand alone books, I did read them in the order in which they were published and think they are all the better for it, as they all contain the story of Leo Demidov and his family.

Tom Rob Smith
1)Child 44
2)The Secret Speech
3)Agent 6 (TBR) can't review yet as per above - in the mail

Eyehavenofilter The research that went into these books is flawless. The technique is right on the razors edge. Have a
Styptic pen and some bandages ready each time you turn the page whilst reading any of Smith's trilogy. Happy hunting!

message 5: by Dean

Dean Winstanley Haven't read the book yet, am just about to after reading The Farm and hearing great stuff about Child 44. But on a side note, as off-topic as you can get, how handsome is Tom? Sexy authors sell more books, I have the proof ;)

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