Child 44

Author: Tom Rob Smith
Book: Child 44

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In Soviet Russia, Leo Demidov is after a killer that the State denies exists. But he's in danger himself - from the country he's trying to protect

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message 1: by Diana (last edited Nov 30, 2009 02:10PM)

Diana Ross Cannot stress too strongly: One of the best books I've read this year.

Aurelio Ippandoza This book was so involving when I read it,that I still remember a great deal from it 2 years later.An amazing thriller, didn't seem to have a boring or out of place spot in it,enjoyed it thoroughly.thank you Mr.Smith for writing such a great read.

Eyehavenofilter The research that went into these books is flawless. The technique is right on the razors edge. Have a
Styptic pen and some bandages ready each time you turn the page whilst reading any of Smith's trilogy. Happy hunting!

message 4: by Dean

Dean Winstanley Haven't read the book yet, am just about to after reading The Farm and hearing great stuff about Child 44. But on a side note, as off-topic as you can get, how handsome is Tom? Sexy authors sell more books, I have the proof ;)

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