Vladimir Nabokov discusses "Lolita" part 1 of 2

Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Book: Lolita

Vladimir Nabokov discusses "Lolita" {pt1/2}…more

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Robert Groden It's amazing that this video exists. Wonderful.

message 2: by Joe

Joe Mossa
this is fantastic. i have read LOLITA at least three times and feel guilty each time..but great writing.

Kameranne who has the text of this discussion ???

Gabrielle Shocking!!!

message 5: by Jess

Jess Scott YES! First time I'm watching...wow!

Daisy Wow. I've never seen Nabokov live before, heard his voice, his accent. This is thrilling.

message 7: by [deleted user]

Daisy wrote: "Wow. I've never seen Nabokov live before, heard his voice, his accent. This is thrilling."

He has a very unusual accent, doesn't he? It is sometimes French, sometimes British! I don't notice much Russian in there at all :)

message 8: by J.

J. "I leave the field of ideas to Doctor Schweitzer, and to Doctor Zhivago."

Jac101689 Based on this, Nabokov had the most charming personality I've seen in a while.

message 10: by Mark

Mark Wonderful insights, intelligent reading of the book by Trilling brings out the best explanations of his art by Nabokov. I could listen to these two for hours. And notice how well the presenter moves the discussion on bringing out the key points without any overt interventions, present day arts programs are shallow by comparison. A gem indeed. Now to reread Lolita.

message 11: by Naomi

Naomi Batiste oh i never realised that that is how you pronounce "Nabokov" haha..

message 12: by Jim

Jim Foreman Nobody mentioned the interviewer. It is Pierre Berton. This is obviously a Canadian program. Pierre Berton was a journalist and popular historian. Later than this, he had a one-on-one interview show with great guests.

message 13: by Duane (last edited Nov 16, 2017 11:46PM)

Duane heh heh... I just had a thought...

It's too bad Nabokov didn't face off with Gloria Steinem and Andrea Dworkin, in that interview. Especially if edged weapons were involved... I would *pay* to see that.

(Never thought those two could possibly be useful for anything, but, there you have it...)

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