Richelle Mead on the Vampire Academy series!

Author: Richelle Mead
Book: Spirit Bound

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Lianna Really interesting video(:

Wiebke think so too. I really like the Serie of Vampire Academy! =)

message 3: by [deleted user]

lol. the cullens as the bad guy evil vamps. lol i love it!

RAIN can some one help i have a list of quotes but not the page #'s aND I HAVE A HOMEOWRK/BOOK REPORT DUE OCTOBER 16TH

Jackie i luv her and her boos but tht video was weird. i cracked up when she touched the tree hahaaa

Garoutarou saha! i love it!

Lauren cool

Samira I LOVE HER!She is so down to earth. I so want to meet her oneday.

message 9: by anna

anna orr i love these books i fell in love with ur books

message 10: by Drea

Drea I love the series. :)

message 11: by Bec

Bec beer I loved it......

message 12: by Chelsey

Chelsey i've been wanting to read this series for a while...

message 13: by Alicia

Alicia McIntyre Bought it on Tuesday and finished today. I thought it was a nice ending. But I feel really bad for Adrian. I hope there is some mention of him in the new spin-off. I'll miss Rose and Dimitri.

Anastasia Love it...!

message 15: by Ahmed

Ahmed masry i like this uther

message 16: by Hassan

Hassan Tedrarine its nice

message 17: by [deleted user]

Love her books<3 And her hair!

message 18: by Scott

Scott Roberts I enjoyed your video and sharing your knowledge in the video regarding your books of the Vampire Academy Series.

Mohammad hello i mohammadreza tayebi ilove you

message 20: by Shawn (last edited Sep 05, 2015 12:52AM)

Shawn Read vampire acadeamy though it was okay story if you could get over the damphire being slaves. It only made it sadder that no one seemed to realize or care about it especially since the book was from a damphire point of view. Espcially when you see how they treat the ones who don't want a life of servitude,and it seem like they never even found out if they breed with humans

message 21: by Hawkeye

Hawkeye Nice :)

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