The Giving Tree

Author: Shel Silverstein
Book: The Giving Tree

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This is actually what giving trees are all about.

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message 1: by Roos

Roos I really loooove this video...I loooove trees.

message 2: by owl

owl kerennn yang inih...
we can answer any question u ask, if u just learn to hear us.
we speak loud n clear to ur heart, not u

Sylvia nice one :)

e.c.h.a listen with your heart

Michal Treister Happy Tu' B'Shvat!

message 6: by Mary

Mary Brauninger This is a wonderful video. Is it possible to obtain a copy? Thanks for something so special to me and my story. Trees are wonderful! Listen to the trees. Listen carefully.

message 7: by Maria

Maria Del Oh how perfect, how beautiful. I feel so connected to our guardians of the universe, the trees, nature. They are just so giving and here is humanity denuding our forests................destroyers of our guardians of our future generations. How can they do that. Have you ever hugged a so, you will feel their power, amidst their gentleness and never be the same again.

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