Great White Shark - The Devil's Teeth

Author: Susan Casey
Book: The Devil's Teeth: A True Story of Obsession and Survival Among America's Great White Sharks

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as among alphas, some longer than twenty feet, and there were too many to count; even more incredible, this congregation was taking place just twenty-seven miles off the coast of San Francisco.
In a matter of months, Casey was being hoisted out of the early-winter swells on a crane, up a cliff face to the barren surface of Southeast Farallon Island-dubbed by sailors in the 1850s the "devil's teeth." There she joined Scot Anderson and Peter Pyle, the two biologists who bunk down during shark seaso…more

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Roland Cheek Having just finished Susan Casey's The Wave, I would rather be in the boat than on a Ski machine when encountering these awesome creatures.

message 2: by Mike

Mike Clarke This book only deserves the "conservation" tag because it demonstrates clearly what NOT to do if we are going to save our marine wildlife.

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