Author: Anne Bradshaw

This is the updated trailer for "Famous Family Nights." The book will be in stores August 2009! More information at http://www.annebradshaw.com

Pre-orders now taken by the publisher, Cedar Fort. Please go to http://cedarfort.com/kahuga/product_detail.jsp?product=20067999&ProductType=Book for further information.

Or here at Ensign Books in California: http://www.ensignbooks.com/kahuga/product_detail.jsp?product=20068139&ProductType=Books

Or here for Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Famous-Family-Ni…more

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message 1: by Anne

Anne I've added this new trailer for my forthcoming book, Famous Family Nights. It's nice to have a cover at last. Likely date for book to reach stores is August 2009. Details for pre-ordering are as follows:

From the publisher, Cedar Fort - please go to http://cedarfort.com/kahuga/product_d... for further information.

Or Ensign Books in California: http://www.ensignbooks.com/kahuga/pro...

Or Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Famous-Family-N...

Christopher Mills This looks like an interesting book, Anne. I will have to read it!

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