Off the Tourist Trail

Author: Bill Bryson

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Off the Tourist Trail gives alternative choices for world travel.

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message 1: by Sybil

Sybil Francis Although I have not read this book yet, it sounds very engaging since I spent most of my adult life looking for the "ideal retirement place to live". For my American/British parents after a life spent in the Far East it was Australia. For me, after a life of exploring Mexico, it turned out to be Guatemala in coffee finca country outside an old Spanish colonial town. I always look for the unexpected place to go...I expect this book offers that.....

Cierra Bullins hi i loved your book " A walk in the woods" do you have any favorite books

Antonia After reading "The Lost Continent", I probably wouldn't take Mr. Bryson's travel advice. Not from a guy who spent most of his time while writing that book, mostly behind the wheel, or, when he did get out of the car, in cheap motels, drinking beer and watching TV and eating candy bars; usually all at the same time!

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