Author: Gwen Cooper
Book: Homer's Odyssey

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Judith (xstitchinglibrarian) I truly loved, loved, loved Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper. The book appealed to me on so many levels. It made me laugh, cry, and cheer on Gwen and Homer. I believe that both Gwen and Homer were meant to be together just like most people and their pets. Pets bring such a sense of joy to one's life and have much to teach us if we take the time to listen. I have recommended this book to practically everyone I know thus far and believe in the book's ability to really touch and teach us all that I am even writing this review. Homer's Odyssey will be a book that you will always remember with a smile.

Edward Anyone who has loved a pet to the extent they would build their life around caring for it will identify with Homer's Odyssey.  The book was a suggested by my editor, who knew  I was having a difficult time reconciling the recent loss of my old kitty.  Before I began reading, I turned to the last chapter to find out how the book ended.  My feelings were still too raw to read about someone losing a beloved pet. As is true with many of our past life experiences, we cherish the fond memories.  The ones we're emotional about. We don't forget the unpleasant ones but just push them to the back of our mind. It is because of the love between her and her cat, Homer, that she will most remember everything but the inconveniences (however, Ms. Cooper included enough of both experiences for the reader to realize that Homer, like any pet, probably had accidents and got into mischief too.)   
Two instances in the book  really touched me, making me  recall my own experiences. The first was when the author wrote; “I knew that I loved Homer to an extent it frightened me...”  adding that she wouldn't accept a million dollars for him even if someone proposed it. The second was later in the book, when Homer refused to eat  and she took him to the vet. She then confronted the reality that there would come a day when Homer would no longer be part of her life. Not something you want to think about but such is the reality of life with a pet.   My kitty “Mouse,” came to live with me when its owner moved to an assisted living home that didn't allow pets. Mouse, was approaching fifteen years of age at the time. If I hadn't taken her in her future looked grim. She  had physical limitations from birth that worsened as she aged. But, I cared for her and she returned my love, becoming my constant companion. I was very attached to my old kitty so it was painful and difficult to lose her. During her last five years Mouse was as much a part of my life as Homer was for Ms. Cooper.   Reading the book brought back fond memories of Mouse along with tear filled eyes. I wish I could have met Homer. In a way I did, through Ms.Cooper wonderful stories. This was a lovely read, and I highly recommend it for people who love their pets.

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