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I got a gift from a reader, Agnieska from Poland it is the painting of my guardian angel.
I wrote a book about angels I believe in angels. The book is called The Valkyries, it takes place in the Mojave Desert and there (and not only there) I had a very strong experience with angels.
Having said that: I want you to share in this forum your experience with angels.
Meaning, moments that you know that your angel is taking you out of trouble; moments that you know that your angel is helping you to get t…more

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Sumner Wilson Paulo:

I don't know about Angel(s) in the plural, but I feel strongly there is at least one. I was with her--it was a female--in a time of stress and need, and she always came through for me.

Slugs Nineteen

Olivia I do believe there is a guardian angel. A few times, he (I believe my angel is a he) warned me not to do something, not to listen to someone who might intend to harm me and people I love. Once he also kinda told me to go contact my ex boyfriend. The voice was so strong that I couldn't ignore it. Then I called my ex and it turned out that her mother had just passed away and he needed my support.

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