A Talk with Isabel Allende

Author: Isabel Allende

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Jackie Pearson Isabel Allende is one of my favorite authors.

message 2: by Julia

Julia Jackie wrote: "Isabel Allende is one of my favorite authors."

Mine too ...

message 3: by Celia

Celia Allende's books have left an indelible mark on my literary psyche. Thank you, Isabel.

Wediwardena This is great

Cristina I would enjoy seeing more of this author! She is amazing! Nice clip...

message 6: by Audra

Audra Meier More, more more!!

Marilyn Lanier Great interview. Helped answer my questions about to what extent the author's life experiences are woven into her fiction. Wonderful how honest her response was to that question!

message 9: by Sofia

Sofia I admire Isabel Allende as a writer and as a human being. This is great interview. The more I read her, the more I love her prose .

message 10: by Cheryl

Cheryl James Isabel, you are amazing. I love your writing and I can see the love through your work and your interview. Island Beneath the Sea is one of my favorite books. I am looking forward to reading your two most current books. Much love to you!!

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