Islam Ahmadiyya Documentary- 3 of 8

Author: Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
Book: Essence of Islam


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Rebecca Lopez Wow people are gullible. A simple google search will prove to you that a dead body still bleeds up to 10 hours after death. "After about ten hours, the blood thickens in the capillaries, unable to travel, resulting in permanent blue staining called hypostasis."
and many many other references can be cited here. "Within an hour after death, blood and body fluids will have settled down to the lowest parts of the body. This is called livor mortis. In a corpse suspended by its arms, these will go very pale. Meanwhile the legs and feet will be deep purple as the blood drains down into the legs." "If there is no wound in the walls of the blood vessel, the blood will remain liquid for several days, after which it starts to decompose. The blood in the arteries tends to drain into the capillaries and veins... If a big vein is cut after death, e.g. during an autopsy, the blood runs ; and if this is done very shortly after death this blood will coagulate. In effect, the blood cells continue to live for several hours after the person has died. In the past, in Russia, successful blood transfusions have been made using blood taken from people who had just died." -http://gira.cadouarn.pagesperso-orang.... If he wasn't dead before they stabbed him, he certainly died after the stabbing from the loss of all that blood. It is not physically possible, especially after 39 lashes, that Jesus lived. And if he did die a normal prophets death, where was he buried? Why isn't it mentioned anywhere? As great of a teacher that he was, where is his memorial? Or where is the talk of his actual death? You trust a book that was written 600 years after his death? We aren't talking 60 years. Six HUNDRED years. That's a LONG time. Are you forgetting that?
Now about the prophets always facing opposition: the major prophets of the Old Testament did not face opposition. Even most of the minor prophets didn't. They were well known as prophets and looked up to and respected. People came to them for healing. The only one that faced opposition that I can think of right now is Jeremiah.

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