New Tricks Trailer

Author: David Rosenfelt
Book: New Tricks

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The story behind NEW TRICKS and David Rosenfelt's Tara Foundation.…more

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message 1: by Nancy

Nancy Roessner This is a wonderful video. I love the book and the series! I'm hoping for more.

message 2: by Susan

Susan It's lovely to see an author doing something so worthwhile with his earnings.

message 3: by Kathy

Kathy I love this author and his series and I especially love the dogs in his books. I too owned "a once in a lifetime" Golden. His name was Boone and he was the best. He died of cancer in 2000 and I still mourn him. He was also a rescue!

message 4: by Joey

Joey I made the commitment to read 75 books in the 2016 Goodreads reading challenge. That's how I found the Andy Carpenter series books. Now I am so hooked on them. So far, I've read 9 of them. I absolutely love these books! Goldens are one of my favorite breeds, so that is one reason why I love the books so much. But David's sense of humor, his writing style, the fabulous characters - combined they make one heck of a great read. I hope he never stops writing this series. I love these books! I've also read the Dogtripping and Lessons from Tara books - both outstanding as well. Highly recommend this author and his wonderful books.

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