Iran by Neda

Author: Paulo Coelho

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My best friend in Iran, a doctor who showed me its beautiful culture when I visited Teheran in 2000, who fought a war in the name of the Islamic Republic (against Iraq), who took care of wounded soldiers in the frontline, who always stood by real human values, is seen here trying to resuscitate Neda - hit in her heart.

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message 1: by Jack

Jack Sinclair This is so powerful. It is through people's ability to make the media with stuff like this that change is possible. Neda's death is going to change the tide.

message 2: by Paulo

Paulo Here is how I discovered that my friend Arash Hejazi was the doctor trying to resuscitate Neda.

message 3: by Paulo

Paulo My friend who was seeing trying to save Neda, gives his first interview 2 BBC. Check

Masoud M my life as a iranian was changed when i saw this thing happen...

message 5: by Jalil

Jalil good

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