Kate Morton talks about The Forgotten Garden

Author: Kate Morton
Book: The Forgotten Garden

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Roberta I liked this video. I think it gives a quick overview of the book, without giving away the whole book.

LizzyB It is always great to hear directly from the author of a favourite book. I just finished this book and really enjoyed it. I liked the video, but just wished it was longer.

Icewineanne What a great video! Love seeing the author & the tone of this video perfectly captures the tone of the novel. I loved the book - it's one of my all time favorites.

message 4: by Linda

Linda Juliano Excellent video! Very well done! It's my first introduction to the book, and it has definately convinced me I need to read it!

message 5: by Tara

Tara Great backstory for a great book. Kate Morton is my new favorite author. I bought all of her other books after reading The Forgotten Garden.

message 6: by Stacy

Stacy I love that the video gives us a peek into the beginnings of this enchanting book including Kate Morton's personal connections!

message 7: by Karen

Karen Kate Morton writes modern classic stories, I never get over.

COLLEEN A. I found myself as entranced by this video as I was the novel, awesomely enjoyable!

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