New York Times Reporter on the Mortgage Crisis

Author: Edmund L. Andrews


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message 1: by Vicki

Vicki i am so mad i just wasted 10dollars i really could have used on other thing on this pile of junk book.YA andrew you really look like you suffered i think you are the one that deserves everything you geT.STOP PRETENDING THAT YOU IN ANY WAY CAN RELATE TO ANY OF THE REAL PEOPLE THAT THIS NIGHTMARE HAPPENED dont have a clue and you are still robbing us you wealthy rebublicans it turns my stomach to think i gave you 1 cent of my money.I WAS AND STILL AM A VICTIM.I WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM THE HELL WE WERE PUT THOUGH.And there are many other people who are to we are victims of crimes lies forgery defect in title who if we did what they did we would be in jail.

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