Michael Zadoorian's inspiration for THE LEISURE SEEKER

Author: Michael Zadoorian
Book: The Leisure Seeker

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Michael Zadoorian talks about the need to write THE LEISURE SEEKER after, like so many of the Baby Boom generation, he faced the declining health of his parents head on.

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Margaret Dear Michael Zadoorian, Second Hand brought so much joy, having finished reading it yesterday, that it was with delight I found The Leisure Seekers in my local library the very same day.

Born in Detroit(1941), now living in Vermont, your works are special to me for place. But most of all, the wonder of your writing is the beauty you find in the most basic problems life presents to us.

I loved Teresa--she is so like a dear friend I lost two years ago. When I finished Second Hand I kind of thought this was a one-shot deal for the writer. The range and depth of your explorations of our human condition, in this novel about my peers, fills me with joy. My mother's death not so long ago has enough overlap with your leisure seekers to make your words even more comforting.

My house is full of 'junk'--"J" can come to my estate sale and fill it with grace. My inability to let go of so much that my Italian grandparents' five daughters(all grew up in Detroit from 1923 on)left me, and my Irish grandmother's son's life's remnants(he was born in Irish Detroit in 1913)--your descriptions of 'stuff' and the sentiments your characters have for them--all of these elements in your writing are a great revelation, comfort, source of common bond--well, you get the idea.

That you can do all this AND bring laughter to my heart so very often throughout is unique, extraordinary, et cetera.

So, obviously, thank you!

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