Short Shocks Volume I

Author: Andy Love
Book: Short Shocks Volume I

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This book of two short horror stories, is the first creation from horror writer Andy Love. Minion, a gothic tale of one man's hobby turned to nightmare. A Night With Frost is the reason we should believe in fables. If you don't want to see the ice-cold horror of Jack Frost approaching; then don't believe. Try and make it through a chilling and devastating night with your life. …more

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ZooDoc Hey Andy! Great vid. Fast paced, intense music, scary. More like a movie trailer. Bravo!!!

message 2: by A.R.

A.R. Nicely done Andy. Great imagery and sound, good beats, I loved it. This really works because it makes you want to learn more about the story.
(Thanks for your feedback on mine.)


message 3: by J.C.

J.C. Torre I liked this a lot, short, eye-catching images, correct music feel - nicely done.

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message 4: by Dee

Dee Marie Very intriguing :]

message 5: by Anna

Anna Wow! I'm impressed. I'm gathering information so that I can make my own book trailer video.

message 6: by C. L.

C. L. Roberts nicely done

message 7: by [deleted user]

Anna wrote: "Wow! I'm impressed. I'm gathering information so that I can make my own book trailer video. "Hi Anna. I'm creating a website just now and will be placing simple instructions on how to do manyy things an aother might need. One of these is who to create a book video using MS Movie Maker. I will be announcing the launch of the website on my GR profile. Reagards Andy

message 8: by [deleted user]

C. L. wrote: "nicely done"Hello CL, it was nice of you to view and comment on my homemade book video. It's much appreciated. Are you thinking of creating one for your book?
I too like nothing better on holiday, than to sit down and have munchies and a Star Wars fest. Great.
All the best. Andy

R. Michael Phillips Great job on the trailers. A very nice intro to what I'm sure are great stories.

message 10: by Kevis

Kevis Hendrickson Great Video, Andy. Love the suspense and the gripping music. Totally fits the intense mood of the book!

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