Dork Diaries Rachel Russell Book Trailer

Author: Rachel Renée Russell
Book: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life

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New school. New mean girl. New crush. New diary so Nikki Maxwell can spill about ALL of it! Follow this spunky and wise-cracking eighth grader as she writes and draws about her move to a snobby new school and her rivalry with the new school’s queen bee. It’s DORK against DIVA! Dork Diaries Rachel Russell Book TrailerFind out more about the author here…more

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Dareen Ok

Dareen I'm soo cool cute and popular

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message 9: by Emma

Emma weird

message 10: by Ty

Ty k

message 11: by Ty

Ty <@

message 12: by Quince

Quince Winstyn It was kind of strange...

message 13: by Shanzay

Shanzay Sarosh it was a nice song

message 14: by rose

rose that was a nice funny video

message 15: by Yosli

Yosli Ventura Cool video

message 16: by Beh (last edited Jun 21, 2020 05:20AM)

Beh Thien i wish they will show us more...but it was awesome!!!!

message 17: by Kayla

Kayla Williams where you get that thing

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message 19: by Serena

Serena Q weird song

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