Prepare for the Coming of Messiah

Author: Perry Ennis
Book: Prepare for the Coming of Messiah: A Message of Love, Restoration, Warning and Hope

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Perry Ennis teaches and ministers at Congregation Beth Yahshua (House of Jesus) in Greenville, NC. He has been given a mandate by our Creator to be a watchman on the wall for our final generation—an honored position to spread God’s word while the foundations of our society are quickly shifting. Ennis passionately warns others of the catastrophic events that are coming to planet earth, but is able to put at ease, with the uplifting hope, the thankful restoration for all those who believe in Jesus…more

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Mickey Mullen I have no idea why you changed the name of Jesus to Yahshua when one of God's Angels named Him. Then you go into a rant about the end time Etc. with pretty pictures. You ask everyone to get ready, exactly how do you want them to get ready? My book "The Way The Truth And The Life" would be a start by Mickey R Mullen at There is more to it then to just believe in Jesus.

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