YouTube Clip of my Documentary, "Tragedy in Tin Can Holler"

Author: Rozetta Mowery
Book: Tragedy in Tin Can Holler

This YouTube clip is from my made for TV documentary. It's the story of how domestic violence destroyed my beautiful family and my beloved mother lost her life.…more

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message 1: by Cindy

Cindy Cash I have read the book, my step sisters family are relatives to Ms. Mowery, I would like to know when the documentary will be on tv, or if I can purchase it

message 2: by Ted

Ted Green I moved to TN in January, to Sweetwater. I was going through my sister-in-law's books and came across Tragedy in Tin Can Holler (you had signed it for them). It looked interesting and I began reading it. Couldn't stop. I came to the conclusion that "Tragedy" was putting it mild. You have to be a truly amazing woman to go through what you did. My father was abusive, but not to the extent with which you and you mother and siblings had to deal with, and I've seen other incidents, but again, nothing that bad. I had written a book about spouse abuse but now I'm wishing I'd read your book first. Mine is fiction, but I put a lot of research into it. Still it doesn't come close to your story.

I'm happy that you're doing okay now that that your life gets only better! And I do hope and pray that all your efforts fighting abuse pans out!



Marissa Elke I did order this Book from Rozetta Mowery ...She Signature this Book, I lost contact with Her...Somebody know about her Residency Marissa

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