Your Opinion On : Collective Worship by Paulo Coelho

Author: Paulo Coelho

The sun is shining and there is light everywhere. As you know the sun was one of the main objects of adoration in humankind – which means that we have to have collective rituals.

That’s I think religion can play a very important role since people are sharing the same respect for the same mysteries. Yet, spiritually, you can’t transfer your path to someone else.

So, I would like to know: Are you engaged in some kind of collective worship?

I’m not talking about religion: I’m actually talking about da…more

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message 1: by Ann (last edited Apr 26, 2021 10:32PM)

Ann Lust Goodmorning Paulo, I just woke up out of a dream. It's the second time in short time that I dream about you. This time we worked together for some project, I met you just outside a building and you told me that the next morning you would leave. I took all my courage because there was one personal question I needed to ask you. By travelling the road I talked to you. I shared you my question (which is the question since three years I try to ask you by contacting some of your publishers, your agency, ...) (Which is true in reality) I asked you the question while I did cry and you too had tears in your eyes. You answered me by a sentence that I don't exactly remember but it contained the word 'Worhipping'. So I thought I had to look on the internet for 'worshipping Paulo Coelho' and found this video as the first result in Google.
If you reed these comment: I have an important question/ something to share for/with you (and the world). Maktub. Love and blessings, Ann

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