GUTS by Robert Nylen (book trailer)

Author: Robert Nylen
Book: Guts: Combat, Hell-raising, Cancer, Business Start-ups, and Undying Love: One American Guy's Reckless, Lucky Life

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This is a memoir: a package of boasts, false modesty, flawed memories, dropped names, outright errors, and embarrassing disclosures that I think are pretty neatbut may appall you, if youre squeamish or have an orderly turn of mind.
Robert Nylen

The thing is, Robert Nylen should have died several times in 1968. He was a goner in 2006, and 2007 as well, and yet he survived through a combination of dumb luck and sheer perseverance. Of course, as you read these words, hes already bit the dust. But let…more


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