Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca

Author: Daphne du Maurier
Book: Rebecca

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message 1: by Iva

Iva Pejkovic mmmmm...i remeber this, but now i finally decided to read the book and all i can say so far is - great story for adaptation

Leslie I've not seen this move but after watching these few minutes, it seems to be an accurate portrayal of the book. I wish movies made after books were always that way.

Azimah  Othman Just found this....great to be able to see it again after so many years.

message 4: by Wayne

Wayne A Perfect Adaptation...not achieved too often.


Catherine Marmion Rebecca is one of my favourite films ever.
I watch it every time it comes on TV.

message 7: by Emily

Emily I watched the film again after reading the novel and was amazed at how true it stayed to the book. In the special features DVD that came with it, there was a letter from Selznick to Hitchcock, disagreeing with the many changes Hitchcock wanted to make (supposedly Hitch wanted to have the grandmother in one of the towers of the house, wanted to make Maxim more boorish, and through many changes defraud the book of its subtly and originality). Selznick said that when Hollywood does such a thing to a book, it's really out of the worst kind of ego on the part of the director, and he was sorry it had spread across the pond. Fascinating to read!

message 8: by Anita

Anita Collins Emily did you get the
dvd on Amazon? Thanks

Enchantress  debbicat ☮ One of my all time fave books and movies too.

message 10: by Zoe

Zoe I saw this movie so many years ago I forgot what it was about but I must see it again and read the book first to see if the movie kept close to the original. The actors of course are excellent.

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