19th Wife Trade Paperback by David Ebershoff book trailer

Author: David Ebershoff

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message 1: by Penny

Penny Hi there David - I see you voted on one of my lists (2015:Women born in the 1970s). Please remove your vote. It is a list for WOMEN ONLY and is an authentic record we try to keep clean of inauthentic votes. Thanks, Penny :)

message 2: by M

M Price Wow! David, this video is extraordinarily fascinating! I'm just as awestruck at seeing your journey through the compound and what that must have felt like as much I am about your story.

Thank you for sharing something wonderful, from the inside/behind the scenes <-----*those things fascinate me in books and movies*, with your readers. Definitely on my wish list now! Incredible.....

From twitter: @FlyMe2TheStars_ after our short Shirley Jackson chat. That was cool!

All the best to you!


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