Red Dragon-White Dragon

Author: Gary Dolman
Book: Red Dragon-White Dragon

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Commissioned Investigators Atticus and Lucie Fox are summoned to an estate in remote Northumberland where a series of bizarre, grisly deaths appear to centre on the delusions of a madman who lives alone on the edge of the moors. Close by are the remains of a long-vanished castle where local legends say King Arthur still lies in an enchanted sleep, waiting to be awoken at a time of great need. The killings have all been committed using Arthurian artefacts and the locals swear they have seen a gho…more

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message 1: by Doris

Doris Mahala I believe that not only does King Arthur walk the moors of the English forest, but, Robin Hood is helping him win the war!
I also believe that there are ghosts in the moors of the Scottish wild mountains and forests, they are waiting for the Red coats to return to the mountains and forest.
There will be revenge!
The Red Dragon represents who?
Who does the White Dragon represent?
From the trailer, I just watched I would love to own this book!
Will it be coming up for a giveaway soon?

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