What is Do Hard Things About?

Author: Alex Harris
Book: Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations

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Written by teens for teens, Do Hard Things encourages young people to rebel against low expectations to reach their God-given potential, starting now. Alex and Brett Harris, sons of homeschooling pioneers Gregg and Sono Harris, draw on examples from history, the Bible, personal experiences, and contemporary youth culture to reveal a compelling life portrait of what is possible for teens when they unleash the power of character, competence, and collaboration. Learn more about being a rebel agains…more

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Richard Nelson That is awesome. Love your message and passion to reach-out and rescue your generation. To this same end I, taking a different approach, wrote the book Darwin Then and Now. Finish well!

Darwin, Then and Now The Most Amazing Story in the History of Science

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I like it. People look down on me cause I'm 13. God said he is gonna use me and it's real scary, cause older people think you shxt! (here in my country someboby thnik that)

message 3: by Marc

Marc Kohlman Awesome, I'd like to read this.

message 4: by Joan

Joan Cox Alex what I love about your God-given mission to write this book is that it is so necessary in this end time, when too many young people haven't been taught good manners or morals.

The book I've written is The Spirit of Truth is Power is for spiritual maturity. And I've been told I'm too old to be used by God to do his will. My husband and I have been married 57 years and still are used by God.

You are the perfect person to touch the heart of the young people because you have a pure heart and outlook, and don't have to tend with emptying your heart and mind of all the mental garbage that too many of this generation has tattooed in their mind.

May the Lord continue to bless you in your God-given gift to those who need you the most.

Joan Jessalyn Cox
Lifting up the name of Jesus Christ with you!

Hope you will enjoy my book, because I'm going to purchase yours for all my great grandchildren, and I'm so happy it's available for them. Thank You for writing it Alex.

The Spirit Of Truth Is Power: Reviving Faith In Jesus Christ
It's the first book in my series: Foundational Faith In Truth Series

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