Interview with author Lee Child

Author: Lee Child
Book: Persuader

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Watch an interview with author Lee Child where he discusses what makes the character Jack Reacher tick.…more

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message 1: by Susy

Susy I went to the movie to watch One Shot... and what a disappointment that was.. Tom Cruise is not Jack Reacher.. he is a midget!!.... now he ruins the image of Jack Reacher in my mind... I kept saying, What are you thinking Mr Child, to put Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, he is not a cool character like Jack Reacher is, and I just wish I didnt go to the movie so i could still have an authentic Cool Ruthless Giant Jack Reacher in my mind.

message 2: by Jan

Jan Mackinnon Thank you for Jack Reacher. Please could you tell me the books that feature his brother. I seem to remember reading a couple, but can't remember the titles. I would like to buy them to go with the others. Please don't have Tom Cruise take this roll in any other Jack Reacher films. He wouldn't be believable even if he had the height to carry it off.

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