Alexander McCall Smith on The Careful Use of Complime

Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Book: The Careful Use of Compliments

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This time Alexander McCall Smith is dishing on gossip and moral proximities in The Sunday Philosophy Club -- the first of the Isabel Dalhousie mystery series. The latest book in this series, The Careful Use of Compliments, continues with the snoopingest and most sympathetic philosopher you are likely to meet!…more

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message 1: by Karim

Karim djeffal djelloul saiah a hare EST denvouette wishes to book the places EST longed for

message 2: by Jean

Jean So neat to see him and hear him talk.
I love his books he leaves me feeling comfortable. Not many books these days do that. They mostly leave it open for a sequel.

message 3: by Blass

Blass quite adorable from the philosophy club right through the limpopo river, delicious, funny and so human..waiting for the new ones to come. thank you

Antonia Deluca I love his books. They are like the comfort food that we like eat when we want to feel secure and snug. Love his voice. Only the English can make everything sound so intelligent.

Jackie Cooper Have loved every book by Alexander McCall Smith I've read - all the Botswana and all the Isabel Dalhousie series. They're gems.
Jackie Cooper

Linrob3824 Though of 'deeper' meaning, McCall-Smith's novels are on a par with Jane Austin in their gentle and civilized rendering of of life's conflicts. Redeeming qualities can be found in all his characterizations. And yet, complex conclusions are forthcoming. Can't get enough of AMS.

message 7: by Rob

Rob Davies One of my favourite writers. He has a wonderful, magical and yet logical way of describing things and his characters are always well-drawn, different and real. My favourites are the No. 1 Ladies Detective series.

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