An Interview With Diana Gabaldon

Author: Diana Gabaldon
Book: A Breath of Snow and Ashes

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On the tails of A Breath of Snow and Ashes, her sixth addition to the hugely popular Outlander series, author Diana Gabaldon sits down with us to talk about how her personal life influences her characters.…more

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Mercedes Keyes Wow... you have inspired me. If only I could master the complete and total art of richly interweaving history to the precision that you do - I'm trying, I'm working on it, and one day, I will achieve it. Bless you - you're a star and a great role model for breathing life and vision into what you write! When I have time to breath and I'm not writing, I'm deep into your books, I've had them for YEARS and still haven't finished the first... not from want of trying, but because as a writer myself - I have to finish what I'm doing. While reading Outlander... I'm there! And I love it.

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Lynn Since I don't have dish or cable, I am anxiously awaiting the season DVD of Outlander to become available - anyone know when that will be?

Berenice vocal fry?

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