Author Lee Child - Jack Reacher facts

Author: Lee Child
Book: Bad Luck and Trouble

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Bestselling author Lee child shares two unknown facts about Jack Reacher.…more

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Redhoss Tom Cruise, really. Why did you allow this to happen.

Edward Good question, Tom Cruise? Maybe Dwayne-the Rock-Johnson, or Jason Statham. Cruise is a big dollar actor which'd make production costs out-of-the park for sequels by any producer's banker. I know I know the casting director said: Hey let's do this by committee, and bring it to the screen. Fine. I skipped it. By the way, having Kate Miciak as an editor really put 61 Hours into warp drive--She's the Aston Martin of editors, and can put a book into gear, I gotta believe it wasn't for KM, that book's title would've been 122 hours.

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