Trailer for "Shadow Man" by Cody Mcfadyen

Author: Cody McFadyen
Book: Shadow Man

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Trailer for the novel "Shadow Man" by Cody Mcfadyen. Once, Special FBI Agent Smoky Barrett hunted serial killers. Then a madman shattered her life. Now, in this chilling debut, a new and fascinating kind of monster is coaxing Smoky back from the brink with the only thing that could convince her to live.…more

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message 1: by Luke

Luke Cumbo I need the next Cody book when are they available in ENGLISH especially THE NEXT SMOKEY NOVEL WHAT IS GOING ON CODY?????

La Keesha Does ANYONE know where Mr. McFadyen disappeared to? He just dropped off the face and I am DESPERATE for another Smokey Barrett!!!

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