Author: Toni Morrison
Book: A Mercy

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Toni Morrison talks about her new novel A Mercy. For more information please visit…more

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message 1: by Paula

Paula Fordham Greetings Ms. Morrison,
Your beautiful mind is medicinal to a nation that has many wounds. As an African American woman and classroom teacher I have always recommended your books to my students for summer reading. It is desired The National Endowment of the Humanities develop a workshop for teachers with "Toni Morrison",hopefully in the near future.

I have left a clause in my will that my grandchildren be given all your books to read. You have given your love, heart, and your beautifully blessed writings to a nation that so sincerely requires your insightful novels. Hopefully, we will meet one day, even if we could just say hello and chat over a cup of tea. It would be really some soul to keep for me.

Keep The Faith, Sister Morrison
Paula Fordham

Barbara Listening to the rich in oppression heritage of this land to which I am not born too, but reside as a immigrant resident, the indenture of humans that you so aptly address, comes to forefront. I experience today, regardless of what color or creed one may represent, slavery has in a broader spectrum moved onto paper trading via debt, judicial constructed frauds and various frauds involving foreigners peaceably residing in the USA. Prejudice for instance here in Montana, is practiced in form of sanctioned and condoned gender-bias, turning foreign women's lives in to cash-cows and tax-ride offs after failing to recruit them and or subjugate them with a State resident Husband, since in Montana the women are still property of their respective husbands and woe to the independent skilled unaware women whom the state might target to take possession off. Hate today, is still as strong and deeply rooted within Americans, and this society is conditioned by corporate magnets posing as the untouchables superhuman in the stead of the working-class, while promoting their agendas. Today we hear allot about protecting American freedom from so called patriots. Freedom for what? To enforce silence and add insult to injury because courts on respective State-levels resort to catering not to justice and truth, but swaying the court opinion from within a codex of language interpretation that adheres not to the Oxford or Webster dictionaries. This swaying is achieved by being the highest bidder in an life wrecking game upon the unsuspecting victims who may find themselves charged with the very crimes they are forced to endure,haven thus insult added to violent injuries that are squashed in the respective judicial branches , so the state in its second face, may then pursue the disgruntlement of its chooses, to spiritually dismantle the victims with this horrific form of human racketeering practiced, that institutionalizes people in to demoralizing circumstance and suffering. What is most discouraging, that the public seems to thrives on such in all areas with varying degrees of viewing such suffering imposed as an inspiration, a nice addition to the endless list of wrongs to be futility pandered, as a juicy headline should the victim AWOL and or as producing jet another Jan and John Doe into the ever demanding medical and scientific research, since America went to bed with Hitler in all departments of unholiness. I come from three generations of war-riddled women whose lives, homes and social fabrics been destroyed by wars, whose children are no stranger to racial hate, for as a reintegrate German with a polish grandfather, I endured physical and spiritual savagery in southwester classrooms as dirty pollack, while the national Guard in America was asserting the right for African Americans to be allowed in public schools. Dear Mrs. T Morrison, I truly agree with you that racial hate and prejudice needs to be institutionalized, not its victims and their suffering. Hate today is transgressing and mutating into so many differing prejudices and bias, that it is staggering to behold, as whole lives are ruined and trafficked in corrupt systems, entire communities receives various kickbacks from such, the federal national coffers being maltreated and leeched, while fraudulently retiring persons prematurely into the welfare system under the motto: the better your tax-credits the more we will obliterate you and reedit your life to suite our agendas. I did not come to America after being cheated out of my childhood, to be an inspiration for those who thrift on gore, nor be made a slave on paper and or vegetate in enforced social segregation, economic imprisonment with a lien attached to my formerly happy, healthy, skilled, independent persona, to endure chronic pain, beatings rape humiliations, false imprisonments, beatings, stalking, robberies and having the helping hands of Montanans loot and pick through my life as if it was the most natural course to take for one so foully marred by the system. So you see I can respond to slavery from my own personal experience and this is NOT why I came to America. I am after all not an American and America professes to have abolished slavery and promises equality for all, regardless of their nationality, color, gender, creed and believes.In my opinion racial hate can only be stemmed and institutionalized, if America is reinvented and reformed, for speaking up and out is not only accompanied with retaliations from the respective sources, but also engages in keeping the victims in a demonizing Petr-dish of public scrutiny that seems to measure the gore and then graciously points to a past that is so much gorier.I received an invitation from the southern poverty funds to donate, it grieves me to inform you that I just do not have the means, since having the internet as a only means to communicate and I do not have enough funds to properly provide for my minimum needs. I am a prisoner in this state, there is no other word for it without insulting God the Eternal Most High and I detest this type of education in hate and prejudice since i grew up with it outside of America. So please indulge my strong feelings on this subject with indulging tolerance. Thank you most kindly.
Slave # DV549-04 representative of barbara g. cook February 15, 2013

Deborah Thank you Ms Morrison for being all that is you, all that you speak and write for, including one of the best books ever written in the history of this word, Beloved.

message 4: by Lisa

Lisa Howard thank you Ms.Morrison for sharing

Esmeralda Plangesis Happy birthday Ms. Morrison and thanks for your contribution to our understanding of racial/other forms of discrimination in America, South Africa and elsewhere e.g. Middle-East!

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