ENTWINED book trailer

Author: Heather Dixon Wallwork

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Enjoy this book trailer created by the author!

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message 1: by [deleted user]

I just finished reading your masterful book for the second time and I cannot wait to turn it's pages once more. A masterful, beautiful, fairytale worthy to be read a thousand times over. It has this wonderful flow to it that is so easy to follow. I fell head over heels for the characters by the end of the first chapter- no, paragraph. This book has a wonderful humor that's so comforting and warm. The romance is innocent and fresh, just what a story ought to have. I've never read something I loved more and I am on the edge of my seat, ready to leap as I wait for the publishing of Illusionarium.

- Jo

Saloni Varshney very enchanting to read....
I really loved this book. You know how sometimes you read a book so special that it takes you to a whole new world which is so real yet so much magical?
I come by these books often and they just enchant me. You are a very good author the way you slowly bring everything out to the reader...I can't wait to read other of your books!
And i really hope there can be a sequel to Entwined...

- Saloni

Krissu nice trailer

message 4: by Faith

Faith Oh my gosh I love the trailer almost as much as I love the book! I own Entwined and have read it AT LEAST twice because it is one of my ultimate favorites. Yes yes yes!

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