The Silence Of Men: Better Late Than Never Shameless Self-Promotion

Author: Richard Jeffrey Newman
Book: The Silence of Men

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Better-late-than-never self-promotion. In November of last year, I was interviewed by Jackson Heights Poetry Festival--I sit on their advisory board--and they posted this interview on their website. I, however, never got around to posting the link anywhere, and so here 'tis. Also, here are the two poems I read. Each are from my book, "The Silence Of Men," which you can find on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, but I would ask that you either buy it directly from the distributor, UPNE, which directly hel…more

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Michael Poage Richard - Amazing video - thanks for your words and your personal honesty. I also like your review of Dick Hugo's book, THE TRIGGERING TOWN. I received my MFA from the U. of Montana and Dick was my main writing "teacher." I am going to post a blog on "the triggering town" soon and hopefully gather some responses about "beginnings." I, too, was sexually abused as a kid and your description of "losing your voice" is very helpful and very accurate. Is that WHY I am writing now. A discussion of voice (I think women are way ahead of us in this) and trauma could be very important. Thanks, I want to read your books.
-- Michael Poage

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