"Listen" a poem by Laurie Halse Anderson

Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Book: Wintergirls

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Laurie reads her poem "Listen", which was inspired by her readers of "Speak".…more



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message 1: by Seth

Seth I absolutely luv this!

Elizabeth Wallace Wow...I watched this twice...I was blown away.

message 3: by Rose

Rose This is absolutely incredible poetry.

message 4: by Rose

Rose This is absolutely incredible poetry.

Monica M This was incredible, just mind blowing

message 6: by Lacie

Lacie Solt I loved this, so beautiful

Jackie Giesbrecht This broke my heart

message 8: by Maria

Maria wow. it's amazing how much hurt can be bottled in one poem.

Elizabeth Wharmby I LOVED the poem it was.................. very emotional to me. it was very sad too.

- Liz Wharmby

message 10: by Chris

Chris I loved this poem and am planning to share with a student I have who thinks she is "weird". All she wants is to be "normal". I have done everything in my power to make her realize she already is.
I listened to it twice....quite moving.

message 11: by Ashley

Ashley Wow, tears sprung to my eyes. That poem was very moving. I've watched this three times now.

Kimberly This one is so heartbreaking. Tears coming down my cheeks. So touching.
Whoever hurt you also made you incredibly talented.
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message 13: by Karla

Karla P. Amazing good.

message 14: by [deleted user]

Woow...that was deep

message 15: by Maya

Maya that was nice

message 16: by Vivian

Vivian WOW. This is incredible! I'm in tears. Thank you for this

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