Your Opinion on: Vanity by Paulo Coelho

Author: Paulo Coelho

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Is Vanity something bad?
I've finished publishing the first 12th chapters of my new book The Winner Stands Alone (I published nearly 1/10 of the book on line). The final chapter - on line - is about vamity. King Solomon starts the Ecclesiastes saying : "Vanity of vanities. All is vanity". Somehow vanity can destroy a person but can also puch a person to become a better human being.
So nothing is absolute and I would like to hear your opinion on that. Mostly about your experiences with the good s…more

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message 1: by Alex

Alex The volume is very very low on this video.

message 2: by John

John There's the old adage "Pride (vanity) goeth before a fall."

And here's a couple of questions related to your comments. When does a helathy, good self esteem evolve into vainty? And if we strive to avoid being vain, at what point do we risk having low self esteem?


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