Brandon Mull & Christopher Paolini

Author: Brandon Mull
Book: Chasing the Prophecy

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Christopher Paolini (author of Inheritance Cycle series) and Brandon Mull (author of the Beyonders series) speak to fans on April 4, 2012 at the Country Bookshelf in Bozeman Montana. Fantasy world-building, character development and dragons... who could ask for more?

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Kristie Palfreyman fabulous! Fun to see you two talking together. :)

message 2: by Cayla

Cayla Awesome

Andrea this looks like a great video

message 4: by [deleted user]

Awww, I bet that was so much fun!

Jeffrey I am suprised how they made that

message 7: by Quoc

Quoc Viet Love Eragon!!!

message 8: by Cathy

Cathy I loved eragon and like so many wonder why we haven't had the chance to see the world on the sreen after the first 53 yrs old ,but my favorite books are young adult books because am still a little girl at heart and haven't lost that wantin of fantacy and make believe.I hope that one day I will get to the rest of the stories come to life on the screen.thank you so much for brining out the kid in me over and over again.

message 9: by Kamu

Kamu G chistopher thank u thank u thank u the cycle was beautiful and the end of it breaks my heart thank u

message 10: by I

I Love I love eragon as you can see. But i wish they made the dragons in the movies look like the dragons on the cover. Thats all i would want. and also I wonder and hope Christoper Paolini comes out with another sris related to the Inheritance Cycle!!!

message 11: by Necie

Necie Phillips I'm a 62 great-grandmother, wasn't when I started this series. I have so enjoyed reading every one. Hope you do decide to continue on with Erogon and growth of these magnificent dragons, it would be be such a shame if don't.

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