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Author: Paulo Coelho

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What about people who hide behind anonymity when they write comments in the internet?
In my opinion this is the dark side when you are empowered by the fact that you dont have to be liable for your opinions.
Im saying this because I met Jeff Jarvis from and Michael Arrington from and they told me that they are insulted every single day and in the case of Arrington someone even spat on his face.
If we stood by our opinions, I think we should put our name next to it.…more

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Hertzan Chimera Paul,

this is so true. There are a load of cowards out there who are doing this all the time, like it's an important part of human existence to hide behind anonymity. You've got an opinion, let's here it, masks off, names known. There's no bravery in being ANONYMOUS via NickNames and coming across as a hard man full of anger and spite. Meet these cowards in person and they're like kittens. Apologetic, excuses for humility.

Mike Philbin

message 2: by Otis

Otis Chandler Paulo - great point! I think the negativity that comes with the ability to be anonymous is really hurting a lot of people's experiences with internet sites. You would not believe some of the flame-out wars we have to moderate on this site. I think having a reputation system is critical to any successful online community.

message 3: by Dinh

Dinh I saw Michael Arrington's post about taking time off because of that incident, and I think that was despicable.

However, I think anonymity is an important aspect of the internet (and real life) that can be used for good or bad. The freedom of expression the internet allows is a wonderful thing, but with that freedom comes a couple of idiots expressing themselves in less than ideal ways.

The important thing is not to limit how others can choose to express themselves but to better filter what gets your attention. If you see some flame-bait, just ignore it and move on.

message 4: by John

John RIGHT ON! Giving your opinion, and then having the backbone to attatch your real name to it, gives your viewpoint more authenticity.

Cheryl While I agree that anonymity can be used for good or bad, I think it hurts the internet far more than it helps. Before caller ID, I used to get harassing calls at least once a week, now, I don't get any.

Kathy Sierra,a blogger, is an example of how mentally ill individuals can harass and harass without respite until the victim is exhausted and her family endangered.

Pandora's box is already open. We can only go forward. Eventually, tools will come along that will bring some relief.

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