Vaginal Fantasy Hangout #1: Grave Witch

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I held a "Vaginal Fantasy" Book Club Hangout On Air with my friends Veronica Belmont (@veronica), Kiala Kazabee (@kiala) and Bonnie Burton (@bonniegrrl) on the 30th! This was our first try, and we read "Grave Witch" by Kaylana Price. But clearly we talked about a ton of stuff (and for the record I'm at 101 hours of Skyrim I just checked!!! Why I have the need to tell this to everyone is the real problem).

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Pamela Watching the first Vaginal Fantasy Hangout, and I ended up looking at your goodreads and you have tons of great books I have read and or have on my tbr list. BUT you lose 1,000 cool points for not liking the Hunger Games. Everyone else on the hangout (Kiala, Veronica, and Bonnie) gets plus 1,000 points of coolness.

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Becca OMG, y'all were talking about the Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle. Those were my favorite books in junior high!!! I was so excited when they became television shows...however, I have gone back and read the books again as an adult and The Vampire Diaries, while basics of the story are still great, are definitely written for very young teens and the show is better. They will always have a special place in my heart, though.

KarenB So funny! I just read this and thought, "That would be a fun one for the book club". And it was. Thank you!!!

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