Paulo asks: Whats your opinion on retirement?

Author: Paulo Coelho

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I was talking two days ago with a couple of friends and I asked them what was their dream, and the husband replied: To retire. To which I said: Did you have this dream since you were a child?And he confirmed this to me. I was amazed by this reply given that for me this is my worst nightmare but realized that this may be the case for many people.

So now I turn to you: whats your opinion on retirement?

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message 1: by Jen

Jen I believe it a better idea to aim high towards what you would want to do your entire life until you drop dead and do that. Working as a bank teller, shopkeep, etc. for fifty odd years and then retiring to paint, write, or restore automobiles seems to be working backwards towards life fulfillment.

message 2: by Karen

Karen I've heard several people say, "oh, I'll do that when I retire." I've never understood this comment. I feel that you should live life in a state of flow. If you want to do something do it now, don't wait. Life is to short. In my opinion there is no need for retirement. If you love what you do do it as long as you want, or have second, third,... professions. Creatives never retire, they just create at a slower rate. Why would they? They enjoy life so much. The word retire to me has the same conotation as sleep. Who wants to fall asleep before their life is over?
I've only read one of your books and I can't imagine that retirement would be a plan for someone like you.

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