Communism BrainWashing - Richard Wurmbrand

Author: Richard Wurmbrand


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message 1: by Tony

Tony Valenti I had lunch with Dr.Wurmbrand and he told me after he had heard me sing just an hour before, How great thou art ( we were on the television program together,PTL ) something that til this day still reverberates in my heart.
A brush can not boast of the magnificent portrait it has just completed,all the glory must be given to the master painter.
This was truly not only a great man of God but a man who stood tall against all adversity against his Lord.

Tony Valenti

message 2: by Kelle

Kelle Gaddis Dr. Wurmbrand is a good warning to all the Democrat Socialists that don't realize they're actually communists that have been brainwashed via the education inculcation and the media.

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