Best Fairy-Tale Villain Award

Author: Marissa Burt
Book: Storybound

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Who would YOU pick for the best fairy-tale villain? Watch my answer here.

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McKaelle iwould say that the greatest villan of all time was the evil queen in snow whits. What about you?

Rachael I suppose the best villain has to be the most villainous.
Hmmm, well, Snow White's Step Mother was pretty bad... She arranged to kill her step-daughter just because she was more beautiful than herself! Then again, she terrorized *one* person.... how about:
The Wicked Witch of the West! She terrorized all the people of Oz, including those lovely little Munchkins!
The Big Bad Wolf... well, he was just following his nature! (both in Little Red & The 3 Little Pigs)
Cinderella's Step mother was oppressive, but this doesn't come close to wanting to kill her... so strike her off.
What other villains are there? Let's see:
* The abominable Snowman
* Jack Frost
* Hook
* The Witch in Rupunzel
* Rumplestiltskin
* Malificent
* The Witch in Hansel and Gretel!!! She ate children! Yep, I would probably have to give her the award for most villainous!

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