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Samantha Hilarious!

Shawnte so funny! :)

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love it funnie

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So funny!

Brailyn Lol I am Lindsey Lohan I HAVE WRECKED A LOT OF CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL!!! i cracked up so hard my best friend glared at me from across the room like i was taking a dump in the middle of my bedroom

Jacqueline Kraft wow I can't believe a grown woman is posting a video with barbies

Jennifer Hillier I feel truly enlightened concerning the tabloid wars that I never knew exiisted. LOL. This is definitely the way I need to get my news from now on.

Sydney This was so stupid. sorry, but I don't think it was funny.

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Emma Chapman This was really weird! ROFL! :)

Goulalam happy new year

Goulalam happy new year

Elizabeth Nunez o.o whaaaa?

message 14: by Rachael

Rachael Hahaha wow!

message 15: by Koeur

Koeur Hot chick, stupid skit.

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