Secret Fantasy

Author: Carly Phillips
Book: The Bachelor

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uliette Stanton is ten minutes away from vowing to love, honor and cherish a scheming mobster-connected liar… For The Rest Of Her Life… And so, the high-profile senator’s daughter flees her own wedding, heading to a “fantasy island” seeking anonymity and the chance to meet an honest man who’ll love her for who she really is.

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Portia This related to my book because the man that WInter was in love with was one of her fathers workers. Her father didnt want her to date him beuase he didnt think that was the type of man for her. Then she finlay moved on from him and found love with a guy that she has been friends with and had many afffairs with in the past. They went to a fantisy island for a trip and came back to their new and beautiful home. Now shes in prison for the rest of her life becasue of him.

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