J. K. Rowling Midnight Reading of Harry Potter and the Death

Author: J.K. Rowling
Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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Caroline omigoodness i LOVE it! of course, i'm also obssessed w/ harry potter and anything connected to it, however distantly.... i can almost see myself reading it....

Caroline i love how even the death eaters feel afraid of voldemort and are so eager for his approval, no matter how scared they are of him. for example, the malfoys do not seem to really want voldemort in their home, but let him stay anyway and accept the tauntings voldemort gives them. i also love how, in the sixth book, voldemort uses draco to punish the malfoys.... its very smart.

Caroline oh yeah.... i also love how snape seamlessly spies for dumbledore while also playing voldemort's number one death eater. i don't know if i would have been brave enough.

Brodie I love harry potter! It's so good!

Kendall Anne Harry Potter ROX!!!!!

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Miranda harry potter is da bomb and i love how j.k. rowling descibes everything to the point to where you can have a little movie in your head.


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its like snape is a spy for dumbledore, on voldemore who thinks he is a spy for him, and it is so confusing yet wonderful in an odd sort of way

Bridget I luv these books!

Madison oh my god i love how she reads its like she wrote it o wait she did hahaha she even does the voices

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Currer Jean Having J.K Rowling read Harry Potter is like chocolate syrup on vanilla ice cream - it's so good!

message 11: by Eunice

Eunice Do-ong There's no existence of Harry Potter without J.K. Rowling!
I really like the way she articulates. You are really blessed Ms. J.K., blessed with a brilliant mind :) You are also a blessing to me, cause eventhough your stories are just fictional but for me, it's a reality.. I love Ms. J.K. as I love Harry Potter!

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