The trailer of the movie Veronika decides to die (2009)

Author: Paulo Coelho
Book: Veronika Decides to Die

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The trailer of the movie "Veronika decides to die" (to be released in 2009) was sent to me today, and I post it in my youtube profile: Please be welcome to watch it and leave your comments.

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message 1: by karla

karla Well, that's a complete must-see!

message 2: by Nate

Nate A fantastic trailer. I am not familiar with the director, but am pleased with the actress choice. I cannot wait to see this film...

message 3: by Roos

Roos WOW...Cool!

message 4: by lita

lita woow..I have to watch the movie! thanks

Phillip Paulo
First a caveat: Sriram Das, the producer, is a friend who also purchased the film rights to one of my books. That said, I liked the film a lot.(yes, i have a copy). SMG does a wonderful job and the production quality is first rate. I wish you much success. Whatever happens, it is a film to be proud of.

Charlie Poxon All's well and good until it's you!
The trailer's not bad at all and emotional, sensual; perhaps the reality is a little less so!

message 7: by Karen

Karen I lost my husband to suicide and will always wonder if, in his last moments, he regretted what he had done. I'm looking forward to this movie, the trailer looks wonderful.

message 8: by Amy

Amy I usually prefer not to see the movies of books i have enjoyed, i think this may be the exception.

Candice Bianca Can't wait to see it!!!

Apokripos So when will it be shown this 2009?

message 11: by Sumner

Sumner Wilson Well, yes I did like the trailer. When the gal says she wasn't herself last night, then changes and says, "Or maybe I was." I saw truth in that, since they say you sometimes are most truthful about yourself when you're high or drunk.

So, yet, I did like it.

Slugs Nineteen

أروى قرأت الكتاب..والآن تحمست لأرى الموفي:)

message 13: by J (last edited Oct 25, 2009 12:54PM)

J when is this coming to the US?my favorite book ever!

Priscila Wow! Now I really want to read this book! The movie looks like it's going to be good too.

Northern K Sunderland Judging by the trailer, the film looks far more promising than the book.

message 16: by Aryan

Aryan Diamse it was not shown here in the philippines,..=(

Kakihara Cant wait to see it, I just finished the book and I would like to see this actrees in Veronika`s play.

message 18: by Kholsu (last edited Jun 04, 2011 10:20AM)

Kholsu funny really, I picked up reading due to Paulo's ‘The Alchemist’
and fell immediately in love with this author, his style and his love for life and looking beyond the scopes of what life offers and what more it could offer if only given the chance. Where Limits only exist to the extent of the mind.

I hear Harry Potter fans say how the movies never measure up to the books standard, plus it seems to be a universal thing where people say “the book was better”

Therefore I’ve been waiting to watch one of Paulo’s creations to be brought to life

The thrill of reading ‘Veronica Decides to Die’ due to the fantastic twist in the end ;) can only confirm any live action based on this book will surely be amazing!
But just as those Harry Potter fans, i can personally say, the film didn’t measure up to the book, or my imagination.

Further note the majority of this book is within the characters minds and goes into the depth of their mentality, which is totally remarkable and this FACTOR was omitted in the movie unfortunately :(

I personally wouldn’t recommend this film to those who are not familiar with Paulo’s work, or those who have not yet read this book, as it will never be fully appreciated. But the book is a must read, along with ‘Winner Stands Alone’ ;)

message 19: by Maria

Maria First of all i must say that the film was good but it's not of how i had it on my mind. When we read a book, we travel with our imagination... so for me Veronica was sth different.. I mean that i had imagined her as a tall brunette woman... when i watched the trailer, to be honest, i get disappointed but thx god the film was good, cause most of movies who are based on books are not even mediocre. Still this movie can not reach the book but is a decent try :)

message 20: by Noor

Noor alobaid The movie was averaga the novel was much more interesting and deeper, the movie misses something dont know what is it, maybe the acting they fail in delivering the message of the book!
I give the book 10/10
I give the movie 6/10

message 21: by Robert

Robert I thoroughly enjoyed the book...and I am very excited to learn that it is now (has been made into a film). Can't wait to see it. Can't imagine it being as good as the book. We shall see.

message 22: by Mary

Mary Coen Veronika Decides to Die is a masterpiece in simplicity. Every sentence is important and conveys a depth of meaning. I am so excited that finally it will be made into a movie and Sarah Michelle Gellar is perfect as the star.

Caterina Cucereavii To be honest, the book is way better then the movie. In the book there is something that keep's you on reading. There is a deep meaning, while the movie missed the deepness of the book.

message 24: by Lori

Lori First time seeing this. I never heard of the movie before. I hope it did well.

message 25: by Jose

Jose Sarmento it's an unbelievable history which to be contemplated real life of human being....

message 26: by Joette

Joette Lawler I want to read the book first but I definitely want to see it!

message 27: by Sylvia

Sylvia I just finished the book *yeah, just read it this year* and am excited to find the movie. Want to watch it!

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