Simone Elkeles - Perfect Chemistry Rap Video book trailer

Author: Simone Elkeles
Book: Perfect Chemistry

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PERFECT CHEMISTRY has received high praise from Booklist saying: ““Elkeles gives [the story] heart by constantly switching point of view from Alex to Brittany to provide dual running commentaries on their minute-by-minute insecurities and urges…[a] vivid…completely genuine…novel [to] be embraced by male and female readers in equal measure.”

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Michael Economy this is the second book trailer i've watched...

oh my gosh

Ken-ichi wuh... I can decide if this means the end times are nigh or ... no, there is no "or." They are nigh. Time to visit my local bunker dealership.

Alison Wowo-the buzz behind this book was just hot-and this is HORRIBLE.
What were they thinking? It's a car wreck I can't turn away from-was that the idea for this?

message 4: by Sarah

Sarah Dude I haven't read this but I found it on Amazon the other day and now I want to!

message 5: by Anna

Anna Oh God, I hope people don't judge the book from this cheesy trailer! This is terrible... Who idea was this? Had I watched this first I never would have read the book. And the book is AWESOME.

The trailer is garbage. I don't know where they got these actors and why they thought this was a good idea.

Kimmie Oh. My. God.

This is a cheezy trailer. But Perfect Chemistry is the best.

READ IT. It is nowhere as bad as this trailer, haha. It's a really good and interesting book with a twist!

message 7: by Chris

Chris Rios thats live

Jasmine I hate this trailer, but the book was amazing! Don't let this weird trailer discourage you.
I hate how in the trailer Britney looks like a blonde bombshell and she's not pretty...and the actor that plays Alex is sooo NOT what I think Alex would look like...They should've done a better job choosing actors/actresses..
I don't get why Simone Elkeles would advertise this video on her page...its so bad...

Jorane germain i like this video

message 10: by Cassie

Cassie lol...this is too funny. Definitely don't judge the book by the trailer but it's hilarious none the less.

message 11: by Mahlet

Mahlet The book is amazing and absolutely NOTHING like this ridiculous trailer. I'm glad I read my friends' reviews and read the book myself, before stumbling onto this trailer.

message 12: by Larry

Larry Marsh oi it was totally WIKED show me more please

message 13: by Sarah

Sarah Sarahbeth1414 wrote: "Dude I haven't read this but I found it on Amazon the other day and now I want to!"

Now I have read it. Yummmmmmy.

message 14: by Ayla

Ayla what the heck....

message 15: by Keli

Keli Oh my lord........definitely doesn't do the book justice......

message 16: by alex

alex LOL this video is funny but is just down right HORRIBLE. LOL but you should go out this book it was a bizillion times better than the trailer trust me.

message 17: by Jessica

Jessica This is so ridiculous but I love it XD

message 18: by Karla

Karla Omg i love the book but i dont like the trailer i hope they make a movie of the book well thats my opinion

message 19: by Dallis

Dallis this is so funny

message 20: by Liliana

Liliana Sousa well... one thing's for sure... the book it's not half funny as this rap!!! lol :)

message 21: by Jen (last edited Mar 12, 2011 06:30AM)

Jen I absolutely did not picture the characters like any of them in this video. I didn't care for the video.
Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attrations are both amazing books! Some of the best two I have read lately, and I cannot wait for the third book! Bring us more Simone! Cheers!

message 22: by Ngozi

Ngozi Oh my gosh. HAHAHAHA! I've read the book millions of times and though this trailer doesnt do a good job of describing it, the trailer's still hilarious. "Read it. . . . [It's a book.]" XD omg.

message 23: by kiran

DAMNNN it makes the book look SOOOOO LAME!!
(but the book is actually amazing!! me :P)
hahahah omgggg i can't stop watching it

message 24: by Monet

Monet St. Louis this is about the funniest thing i have ever seen !!!

message 25: by Aden

Aden I love this book more now.

message 26: by Hannah

Hannah I honestly think that this trailer is insulting to the book. Britney is not that ditsy and Alex-I'm sure-has more class and is way better looking. Why couldn't this trailer be like the one for "Rules of Attraction"? It was WAAAAYYY better than this burlesque video.

message 27: by Hadiya

Hadiya This is absolutely the most hilarious book trailer I have ever laid eyes on.

message 28: by Liz

Liz WORST VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The book is 1000 times better than this trailer. It is so cheesy and the actors are so old! Its like they just grabbed people hanging around in the office and filmed this in the conference room of the publisher's. Simone should be ashamed to promote this video!

message 29: by Valerie

Valerie The video is kinda scary but strangely it pretty much sums up the book very acurately.

message 30: by Jennie

Jennie Please don't judge the book by this trailer!!! The book is good, nothing corny like the video! I'm really glad I didn't see the trailer before reading the book...otherwise I don't think I would have read it! Vid is just terrible....

message 31: by Melissa

Melissa WOW..that was so corny, but the book was SOOOOO GOOD!

Judith (Judith'sChoiceReads) Oh I want me an Alex, I think I'm in withdrawal...

message 33: by Fatimah

Fatimah wow!!*whine* I WANT THIS BOOK!! lol :D

Ninoshka• Lol!! ..... LOVE ThE BoOk!!!<3

message 35: by Sara

Sara Suhovsky if i hadent read this book before i saw this video i would have never read this book

message 36: by Sara

Sara Suhovsky but the book is actully really amazing

message 37: by Sam

Sam Book is great. . . the trailer is horid!

message 38: by [deleted user]

Oh please dear lord let the book be nothing like this! My sides hurt too much from lack of air because I can not stop laughing at this foolishness! Oh man... hahah

CekMoNSter lol..This is funny! Glad the book was great though..

message 40: by Mahala Morata (last edited Apr 05, 2012 04:29AM)

Mahala Morata I watched this before reading the book. Now I can't help imagining that this is what the characters look like. Lol.

message 41: by Eggy

Eggy Brittany: " It's a book."
Me: "YOU DON'T SAY!!?"

Alison Paley OMG... so glad I read this book before seeing that - because that video put me off. OMG what an insult to the book!!! Poor Brittany, they make her sound like a dumb blond - and she is FAR from dumb!

AGHHHH!! How do I un-watch it?

Mercedes Bell OMG!!! that was the greatest fricking video i've ever seen! If i hadn't already read the book, i would want to just by watching that vidoe. OMG so funny!!

Brittany So I was looking around, reading reviews about this book. Looked pretty good, decided to read it. Then I saw this video. Oh my, how this turned me off to this book! I'm really not sure I even want to read it now! But I see so many people saying that the book is fantastic, so I might have to give you all the benefit of the doubt, lol. Goodness, this video was awful.

message 45: by James

James Halstrum My 1st. book now on video/DVD I have presented this on BOOK DAY @ elementary schools = a day when al of the kids, admin. teachers, all dressed up as their favorite characters from the books that they were reading = seniours made presentations in their class rooms during the day = a fun day for all.. ENJOY and SHARE..
Warm Regards,

message 46: by [deleted user] (last edited Feb 24, 2013 02:45PM)

Its funny how a two minute trailer can turn you completely off a book :/ despite the good reviews I don't know if I could get pass this cheese ball trailer.

message 47: by BEE

BEE lol this is so cringy funny.. i hope the book is more intense and noting at all like the thriller

message 48: by mayte (last edited May 01, 2013 11:27AM)

mayte omfg no they played this at school and i was just mortified because it makes the book look like it's a pathetic attempt at literature. and i LOVE this book so it didn't fly with me. lol

message 49: by [deleted user]

That was F**king terrible I hated that Alex is meant to be hot! not fat and ugly.........

message 50: by 110099

110099 LMFAO Wth was that? hahahaahaha

the book was awesome. this trailer made it seem so fricken stupid!!!

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