William Martin discusses his book, The Lost Constitution

Author: William Martin
Book: The Lost Constitution


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Janellyn51 I really loved this book....I started with Cape Cod and since I'm descended from the Mayflower and spent my summers on Cape Cod I loved that. Back Bay...I'm descended from Phineas Pratt who married the daughter of a Pilgrim and spread Pratts far and wide....I've lived in Boston for years and years...and who doesn't enjoy reading about places that they know? I really liked the characters Peter and Evangeline. I'm down with anyone that grows up around Southie and is intelligent at the same time, especially when that intelligence takes the form of being an antiquarian bookseller. I think it's intersting that one of the things listed in my ancestor Phineas' will is that he had 80 books when he died. That's a lot of books for an old sailor in the mid 1600's. I'm in the middle of Harvard Yard now. I get a kick out of the whole a man is known by his books thing, since it's something I put a lot of stock in myself. I worked in Harvard Square in the late 70's and my kids worked there in early 2000's. We've all put off by Harvard student's sense of entittlement, but we live in Summaville...so. The Lost Constitution really got me going and interested in something that people are so inclined to take for granted, at least until they need it to back them up for one reason or another. Guns scare me yes, but I believe the framers had it right. Still it's intersting to have set in front of you the question or idea of how far into the future would they have been able to see the consequences? Did they think like kids of the 60's that by now we'd be living like the Jetson's? Could they project the ideas of drive by shootings in the future of this country? I doubt it. Beside the great plot and being happy to meet Peter and Evangeline again, it reads like a travelogue of New England....even mentioning the Golden Road which is the only road my boyfriend has ever let me drive on! Anyway....I think William Martin does a bang up job whatever slice of history he delves into and I'll keep reading and enjoying his books, I'm sure!

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