The Gate House: Nelson DeMille

Author: Nelson DeMille

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Lauren Just 1/2 way thru The Gold Coast and very much looking forward to reading The Gate House. Enjoyed this video.

Denise Konkal Nelson Demille is a wonderful writer! I really enjoyed this video and the way Nelson describes The Gate House with references to the Gold Coast and I am convinced that I want to read them. I have read many of Nelson DeMille's novels and I have not been disappointed. Nelson has such a way of writing that you are transported in time and space into the heart of his stories. He writes with such knowledge, flair, humour,honesty and good taste. His characters are completely believable and even when the subject matter could be very shocking to my sensibilities such as murderous Khalil, Nelson writes with such psychological sophistication that it is riveting without being traumatizing. His characters are completely developed with all the dimension of the human condition. Keep writing Mr. DeMille and may you have as much pleasure in your writing as I have had in reading your works. God Bless!

Debbie One of my very favorite authors. Love seeing a new thick book come out. Do not think I read the Quest. If it is what it seems to be I think I would be disappointed

message 4: by Tana

Tana Love this guy. I've read all of his books.The main characters are always consummate smartasses. My kind of people.He's one of the best.

message 5: by John

John Marcinko I really enjoy Nelson Demille's novels. He knows how to work a plot and make all the characters organic to the story. The Gate House and The Quest are on my list.

message 6: by Jenna

Jenna Kernan I loved THE GOLD COAST and especially the transformation of John Sutter by his association of Frank Bellarosa. Wonderful book with the Gold Coast being as important a characters as the protagonists. Highly recommended.

Bonnie Gold Coast is one of my favorite books ever! I am a big reader and I love most all of his books!Gate House was a bit of a disappointment but still good! Just finished Panther, not sure I would like the new one Quest...?

message 8: by Sandy

Sandy Novarro Love him, but Plum Island is my all time favorite!

message 9: by Don

Don Roggensees I really enjoy reading Nelson Demille's novels. My first was "Up Country" and I loved it. I just finished the Lion/Panther series and could not put the books down!

message 10: by Linda

Linda I have been a big fan of Nelson Demille for many years and loved Gold Coast, Plum Island and the John Corey series. But duh! in all that time I never realized he went to my alma mater at the same time I did. (I went to Hofstra 1966-71 Eng Lit). Living on Long Island my whole life and being familiar with Gold Coast and Plum Island and the friends who served I always felt a real affinity to his historically based plots brought to life with great dialogue and quirky characters. Just finished The Panther-how on point and timely-I so get the Corey character-

message 11: by Raine

Raine Lemming can't wait to read Radiant Angel out this month!

message 12: by Kathy

Kathy I'm almost finished with Lion's Game for the third time. I've read all of Nelson DeMille's books. And even on a second or third time, I still enjoy them. He has been my favorite author for many years. Thank you, Nelson DeMille, for your wonderful books and sense of humor of your main character John Corey. I imagine you are very much like him.

Victoria Tegarden Ditto all of the preceding comments! I have read all his books to date and look forward to many more!!!!! Thank you, Nelson DeMille!!!!

message 14: by Judy

Judy I also love books with a great smartass! Loved The GateHouse and The Gold Coast. So where is the sequel we’re all,waiting for?

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